Short-Term Disability

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The Navajo Nation Employee Benefit Program offers a Short Term Disability Benefit to eligible employees. To be eligible for Short-Term Disability the following criteria must be met:

  1.  Working at least 20 hours per week as a regular status employee
  2.  Become totally disabled as the result of a non-occupational injury or illness
  3.  Be under a physician’s regular care for the cause of the disability
  4.  Exhaust all sick leave hours


Claim Process


A claim must be submitted within 31 days from the date disability begins. If submitted past 31 day deadline, member must submit written justification of reason for delay to the Plan.


Once approved, Short-Term Disability Benefit

  • Begins the first (1) day of an injury or after a seven day waiting period for an illness or maternity leave.
  • Pay is 60% of employee's average weekly salary up to a maximum benefit of $600 per week.
  • Maximum benefit period of up to fifty-two (52) weeks.


Please note insurance premiums not collected during period of disability will be collected upon return to work to bring member current with employee and/or family coverage



Short-Term Disability Instructions (PDF)

Short-Term Disability Sick leave Form (PDF)

Short-Term Disability Preliminary Statement of Disability (PDF)

Short-Term Disability Attending Physician Statement (PDF)


*All Short-Term Disability participants will receive a W-2 for tax filing purposes. You will NEED to file your taxes with your W-2 form. Please be sure to keep your address updated as the W-2 will be mailed.

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